About Us

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We’re a premier gym that deploys the most realistic self-defense techniques to combat any type of threat level. We adapt to all different types of scenarios, body types, and ages. Empire San Soo has been around for over 8 years. We have pride ourselves on bringing up professional fighters and those who just wish to enjoy learning self-defense as a hobby.

Kung Fu San Soo will help you develop the proper technique for hand-to-hand combat fighting. The lessons in Kung Fu San Soo are designed so that, you will achieve a greater understanding and a more effective method for self-defense. Kung Fu San Soo lessons are for all levels of experience as you put the concepts presented into to use.

Our school is an extended branch of Master Dave Hopkins and a our roots can be traced back to Master Al Rubin. We deploy a wide range of backgrounds at school but most importantly we come from the old school mentality when sparring/training with your partners. This school does not employ a “soft” style of Kung Fu but a realistic battle ground form of fighting and we take great pride in this. This same mind set can be found in Master Al Rubin’s teachings and forms. Several of our instructors possess varies backgrounds in different martial arts systems and this gives them a deeper appreciation for San Soo and betters helps them instruct all ages and body styles.

Come in and check us out! You will not regret it!