It’s been awhile!

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While there has a lot been going on here at Empire San Soo, we have not been very good about updating on the website. In the past six months, we have had several adults promoted in within the ranks and have welcomed several new beginners to the school, as well.

We are also pleased to announce that Master Lee Tagney has been regularly teaching the adult class and black belt class on Monday. Master Tagney has a wealth of knowledge in the San Soo community and one of the best fighters in our art still currently teaching. We encourage those to come and learn from this man.

Also, if your rank has not been updated then please inform  Sifu Dwight Kelly. He will be on top of that. Sifu Kelly has been focusing on developing a database that will permanently house all records for black belts. We may or may not include the color belts. It is still in discussion. We have also been discussing the black belt degree promotions. Sifu Kelly has been a been advocate on spreading out the degree progression as such:

1st to 6th degree awarded every 24 months (12 years total)

7th to 8th award every 36 months (6 years total)

1st to 8th (Master) a total of 18 years.


One of the issues we have seen through the years is some schools have followed the path of the old traditional way of promoting once a year. A student has the possibility of reaching 8th degree (Master) in just 8 years, which would produce a very young master (26 years old if he was promoted by 18). Having this new structure would curve that and correct it.


Sifu Kelly himself has been following this progression and setting the example. We will eventually implement this across the board along with developing a new organizational body.


We will see everyone on the mats!



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It was a small class May 15th,  but we made it count! I like to congratulate Lance and Crussure on their recent promotion. Lance received his brown belt and Crussure received his green belt from Master Benjamin Ortega Wednesday night after a light smoking session followed by freestyle/sparring.  Both guys have earned their rank and endure much sweat, injuries, and blood over the last year and half. The best thing about being promoted to Green Belt, especially Brown Belt, is you are held to a higher standard and as an instructor you look forward to seeing how they handle that extra pressure.


Dwight, Crussure, Lance, Rick, and BenJoel, Ben, Dwight, Rick, Crussure, Greg, Lance

First picture: left to right: Dwight, Crussure, Lance, Rick, and Ben; Second picture: Joel, Ben, Dwight, Rick, Crussure, Greg, and Lance.




As memorial day approaches, I also would like everyone to take a moment to remember those who, past and present, have fought for our freedom and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Without these young men and woman we would have not have the luxury to partake in the daily activities we love so much. God bless our Armed Forces and this beautiful nation.


“Although no sculptured marble should rise to their memory, nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet will their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored. ” ~Daniel Webster

90% Completed!

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Hey Everyone!

Well, the majority of the website is completed and we are thrilled. We have left two pages, well three, not fully completed. Both our instructor’s pages: Dwight and Rick, are not completed as far as a bio and pictures are concerned. We should have those completed by the end of this week; and we left the Official Student Ranking page protected right now because we are still messing around with the styling and javascript at the moment. I don’t quite have it were I want it. Any of those who are trying to verify someone’s rank can do so by calling us or e-mailing us. Normally, every student holds a sign certificate but if further proof is needed then feel free to contact us. Enjoy the page and if you have any feedback be sure to let us know. We are still in the process of adding and changing the site around so be sure to check back regularly.

-Empire San Soo Staff