Adult Program

Our Adult Kung Fu Program is unlike anything you will ever experience. It is a great workout, offers intense stress relief, and is a very effective street-oriented self defense fighting style. San Soo is a devastating street self defense system that is taught to law enforcement, Special Forces units, and protection agencies across the country. It is direct, to the point, and the most realistic combative program available to the public. San Soo attacks the nervous system with prejudice.  All martial arts fight the nervous system; you are not going to see styles start punching the stomach, a very heavily developed area; or punching someone in the back of the head; or punching the backside of your opponent. Attacking the eye, groin, wrist, elbow, throat, neck,  the nerves of your opponent’s feet and hands,  San Soo has a very systematic way of approaching these vital nervous structures.  You are picking apart the nervous system but how you pick apart the nervous system is where the styles differ. A fight that last 5 seconds is 4 seconds too long.  The psychology of San Soo is really the psychology of sudden violence as a whole, teaching students to handle violent encounters efficiently and directly, before they get out of hand.

Our goal is to get you home safe to your loved ones. Training at our Academy will help you lose weight, get in better shape, and live a happier more stress-free life. You will feel your confidence soar in your job, at home, and in all of your relationships. Just as Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo said “You can take my life, but never my Confidence!”

Feel free to come in and observe an adult class, or call today to schedule your Free Two Week Trial!