Children’s Program

Our Children’s program is specifically designed to develop your children into confident, focused, and well disciplined young men and women. We have developed an award winning approach to teaching the values and techniques of the Martial Arts to young people of all ages. We start them as young as 4, focusing on self- defense, physical fitness, and most importantly, life skills. Advancement in rank is dependent upon receiving satisfactory grades in school as well as Martial Arts abilities. Our goal is to reinforce the values you, the parent, are already teaching them.


Because our kids all learn San Soo, they will be proficient at self defense. We coach them through live sparring with their own fellow students and larger assailants such as adults. This gives them a great amount of confidence to walk away from fight or, if cornered, the ability to not fall victim to evildoers. As their skills increase, so will their courage, which makes them less likely to be bullied at school or among peers. We also focus heavily on anti-bullying and stranger awareness tactics and employ them in our daily kids/youth program. Focus, discipline and hard work are emphasized. Our classes are fun, informative, and addicting – Your kids will want to come back again and again, assuring you that they will have lasting benefits. It will change their lives forever!

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