Official Student Ranking

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This list represents current students who have advanced belt ranks awarded by Master Benjamin Ortega. Black Belt ranks may include students who are no longer current, as a result, their rank is recognized from the point in which they stopped training. Black Belt degrees are only awarded to students who remain active under the stewardship of Master Benjamin Ortega and within the Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo/Kung Fu San Soo International Association.

Click on the colored tabs to view the lists. Last Updated: September 30, 2018.



Rick Wood, 8th Degree 05/2012 Robert Wilson, 2nd Degree 06/2011
Dwight Kelly II, 3rd Degree 08/2018 Victor Torres 07/2007
Jason Downning 07/2015 Lance Eckhart 10/2015


Peter Lopez 11/2010
Logan Downning TRANSFERED Ethan Downning TRANSFERED


Krystina Lee 01/2013 Crussure Owens 05/2014
Martha 11/2010 Greg Dews 12/2014
Nickholas Martinez 10/2015 Eric Pinedo 10/2015


Tom Montoya 01/2006 Kelsey Hogg/Kelly 10/2012
Joel Kelly 09/2014